The people behind PlasmaGlow have made it their ultimate goal to provide high-quality, technologically superior lighting implements for a wide variety of uses. When it comes to vehicle accessory lighting, they sit at the head of the class.

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Based in Arizona, PlasmaGlow has been able to keep swimming in turbulent economic times by making their products better than the next company's. They have achieved this in large part through ceaseless innovation and a devotion to their customers' expectations. They have confidence that their cutting-edge products are meeting the needs of those who buy them because they make every effort to figure those needs out in advance and then cater specifically to them. Since nobody is perfect, however, they also offer the best warranties in the business.

They are pretty close to perfect, however, and each year brings with it a new honor earned, and new confidence gained. See what the fuss is about, and know how cool your vehicle can look in the process, by choosing PlasmaGlow today!

PlasmaGlow ThunderBolt Pro-Series LED Bulbs

PlasmaGlow LED Bulbs

PlasmaGlow ThunderBolt Pro-Series LED Bulbs were specifically designed to be the best and brightest bulbs available. As part of the Pro-Series Line, only the highest quality components and materials are used.

ThunderBolt LED Bulbs light up over 50 times faster than a standard incandescent bulb, which make them the safest option in your car, truck, or motorcycle. They also draw less power while still being the brightest bulbs on the market. CANBUS Technology works in any vehicle.


PlasmaGlow Xenon Bulbs

PlasmaGlow Xenon Bulbs

When you want a custom look for your ride, the best place to start is with a set of Xenon / Krypton Headlight Bulbs from PlasmaGlow. A unique combination of Xenon and Krypton gas unique only to PlasmaGlow bulbs provide a much better visibility and look great in your headlights.

Only PlasmaGlow bulbs are backed by a No-Questions-Asked 10-Year Replacement Warranty。 If your bulbs ever burn out, become dim, or stop working for any reason, you are covered by this industry-leading warranty。 PlasmaGlow bulbs are also D。O。T。 Compliant。

Lightning Eyes Headlight Kits

PlasmaGlow Lightning Eyes Headlight Kit

PlasmaGlow Lightning Eyes are the hottest way to give your vehicle the unique look you are after。 This slim flexible strip is specifically designed to bring the popular new style of LED running lights found on high-end Audi vehicles to your car。 These unique LED Strips shine at an angle 90 degrees off the surface, so they can be mounted in thin places and the light will show out the side。

When mounted under your headlight, this thin flexible strip is invisible while it is turned off, but features extremely bright LEDs when your vehicle is on. The 19 OR 26 inch strips can be cut to length to ?fit any headlight housing perfectly. ?They are simply mounted with super thin 3M adhesive and can also be used on door panels and gauge clusters. At less than 1/16″ Thin, they can fit anywhere.

ThunderGrille LED Grille Kit

PlasmaGlow Thundergrille LED Kit

The PlasmaGlow ThunderGrille LED Kit will give your grille the custom look it needs to stand out from the crowd. The ultra-thin LED Strips mount in any grille with the included mounting hardware. You can wire it in with the included switch, or into your running lights so it turns on with your vehicle. It is a simple 2-wire hookup that anyone can do with the detailed instructions in the box.

The included strips are each 10 inches (25cm) long, flexible, and 100% waterproof. Everything you need is in the box (LED Strips, several mounting methods, wiring and switch).

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