LED car lights are the most recent feature of the car illumination both as decor lights and functional ones。 LED car lights known as functional are mounted by factories more often and in an increasing range。 Such automotive light bulbs are available in a large range of sizes, colours and fittings at FancyGens。 Nearly all contemporary car lights can be substituted with LED and neon light equivalents, and a couple of manuals will help you change these lights by yourself。

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The benefits and advantages of car lights are countless. Neon and LED lighting have the advantage of instant start-up, and extremely long life. Good quality auto LED lights have a lifespan up to 50 000 hours, that is why you will change your vehicle sooner than the change the bulbs will be required again. The design of LED car lights is frequently more flexible, since they are available with different beam angles. Compared with filaments that can easily break, the durability of the LEDs is also impressive as these car lights are resistant to shake. LED car lights use direct current and they are not required AC current.

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The thing you need to pay attention to when applying aftermarket LED car lights is that LEDs are sensitive to heat, and functioning in a high temperature can shorten their life. That is why it is not advised to use LEDs next to headlights for instance, as they produce a large amount of heat. LED replacements have the advantage of very low power consumption - one of the reasons why is worth using. However, plenty of new car constructions include an indicator for bulbs, and due to the low resistance of the LED bulbs, it might show that the bulb has gone. To fix this problem and get a valid indication you need to use a resistor kit included in the system.


Besides the commonly used parking lamps, tail and stop lights, turn signals, daytime running lamps, and festoon lights, LEDs are often used for decorating cars both inside and outside the car。 Additional lighting can be added within the car with 12V LED solutions, as most LEDs can be operated with batteries。 A common and diverse form of decoration is the LED strip light available in the full spectrum of colours。

LED lighting can also be used to increase towing safety. Properly installed and functioning trailer lights for boat, cargo and recreational trailers are mandatory for legal towing. There is a number of trailer light brands on the present-day automotive aftermarket. For instance, Bully USA, manufactures easy to install trailer lights, as well as other truck and trailer accessories.

RGB LED strip lights allow a whole new range of decorating your car, changing and varying its colour as often as you wish。 LED strips - available in fully waterproof version - allowing external decoration of the car on any side, strips fixed openly on the body of the car。 Car lighting at FancyGens is your chance to create a unique look for your car and save some power on the way。